Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What does Nancy Pelosi Drive These Days?

Wondering what the US Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, drives seems like an innocuous enough inquiry. Actually verifying her car of choice however, has turned out to be quite the challenge. Short of actually speaking with her on the phone (no I haven't tried yet), there does not seem to be much info out there about her personal vehicle in California.

Why would I care? Like with any major political figure, I am just dead curious to know what they drive (if in fact they drive anything at all). Of course, I know Speaker Pelosi scoots around DC in the requisite black Chevy Suburban and I even had a glance inside one of them during a luncheon I once attended. But that doesn't count, it is not her car and those Suburbans are rather bland if not heavily armoured and altered.

I want to know what Madam Pelosi drives when she returns to California. Again, I realize she gets shuttled to her office and events in the, you guessed it, black Chevy Suburban but does she ever unwind behind the wheel of her personal car or perhaps let the San Francisco Bay winds blow through her hair in a convertible? I am dying to know.

Hopefully, I will have success in my quest to discover her favored ride but in the meantime, I thought I would comment on the type of car I THINK Nancy Pelosi should drive. She kind of has that older, slightly wealthy, pearly, grandmother look about her and that could only mean some sort of long, stretchy Lexus. The
LS model would suit her very well in a nice beige or silver. If she wanted to demonstrate her claimed green credentials, then perhaps the LS Hybrid.

I do not see her as a Mercedes or BMW gal. If she had to drive American then it would be the
Cadillac STS extended version. It has a bit of flare and still retains a nice governmental air about it. Waterboarding aside, it is also a stealthy vehicle that even the CIA would adore for its rather subtle presence. You could probably stuff several terrorists in the trunk and no one would be any the wiser.

Perhaps I have failed in my initial quest to expose the private wheels of our dear Speaker but luck may yet be on my side as I plan to ask a few strategically placed friends if they might just conveniently drop such a question into conversation. I may soon quell my incessant curiosity and in the process, shamelessly promote a car maker.

Photo: I'm a Lexus gal and you know it!


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